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Hand-made chainmail jewelry

All of my jewelry is handcrafted, one ring at a time. Using colorful materials, such as anodized aluminium and semi-precious stones, as well as Swarovski crystallized elements, reputed for their vibrant color and quality, I create each piece with care. And frankly, I do it because I like it. Chainmail is fun to do, but after a few armor pieces, plain rings in european 4 in 1 start to lose their initial charm. Hence the chainmail jewelry. Most of my pieces incorporate traditional chainmail weaves such as european, japanese (Hana-Gusari), persian or byzantine.

Why chainmail?

Chainmail jewelry is distinctive and original, a mix of the ancient techniques of armor making, timeless patterns, modern materials and creative design. Versatile, it can be a simple classic piece for everyday wear, a special set for a sophisticated night out or a complex piece fit to accompagny a somptuous gown on a special occasion.
  • New creation : Sunfilled Sky

  • New creation : Dragon Wing Choker

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